Hambrock, Pastis, Stantis heading to Mars

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee creator John Hambrock is reporting that he, Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis and Prickly City creator Scott Stantis were invited to help raise interest in “Beam Me To Mars” – a chance for earthlings to send a message to Mars on November 28.

Here?s the scoop. Scott, Stephan and I were contacted by Alan Stern, Principal Investigator for the New Horizons Mission to Pluto, and founder of the education & research group UWINGU, and asked if we?d help get the word out about the ?Beam Me To Mars? program, which was set up to beam messages and/or images to Mars from folks here on earth. We all three agreed to participate, and in doing so will be waving goodbye to our characters as they head off at the speed of light to our rusty neighbor on November 28th.

If you?d like to join us and write your own message to send, simply go to http://www.uwingu.com/ and click on the ?Beam Me To Mars? button. George Takei, Seth Green, Homer Hickam and a host of other celebrities will be sending messages as well, so here?s your chance to be a part of something really amazingly cool.

Here are the comics that will be beamed to Mars from the three cartoonists:

4 thoughts on “Hambrock, Pastis, Stantis heading to Mars

  1. I’m pleased to announce that Terri Libenson has joined us. Her Pajama Diaries Mars strip ran this past Monday. You can check it out on her King Features Comics Kingdom page.

  2. An additional note about Scott’s strip: The sample on my blog is not the final that Scott created for this project. It is an earlier strip that mentions Alan Stern and the New Horizons Mission to Pluto. At the time I made my post about the project, I had not seen what Scott was planning on sending.

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