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Kickstarter: Mark Stokes launches Zombie Boy Comics collection

Daily Cartoonist regular reader Mark Stokes has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of his first ever collection Zombie Boy Comics Volume 1: Some Kind of Horrible.

From his description:

Zombie Boy Comics follows the afterlife and times of “living challenged” Morgan McCorkindale, a.k.a. Zombie Boy, and his pals Duncan, Beatrice, Claustria, Boog and Solstice. It posts three times a week at The strip has been posting online since August, 2010. The purpose of this Kickstarter is to collect the first 200 Zombie Boy comic strips into a softcover book for the first time ever!

If you’re not familiar with Zombie Boy, check it out on his website.

Community Comments

#1 Frank M Hansen
@ 2:37 pm

Awesome. Love Mark’s work and the Zombie Boy comic!

#2 Joseph DR
@ 4:19 pm

I can’t say enough about Mark Stokes. He’s a real class act! His artwork is funny and brilliant! I always look forward to Mark’s comics. Very inspiring!

And I can’t wait to get my ZB book! :O)

#3 Mark Stokes
@ 11:13 am

Alan, thanks so much for your very kind shout-out for my Kickstarter! Your support means so much!

Frank and Joseph, thanks for your nice words, I’m a big fan of both of you guys, as well!

#4 Nathan Rackley
@ 3:07 pm

It’s awesome to see Mark getting his book stuff put together! Lots of luck to him on this Kickstarter! I can’t wait to get my copy! :)

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