Cue “sexy and I know it” music: Nick Anderson vies for Hottest Bachelor in Houston contest

Nick Anderson with other contestants vying for Hottest Bachelor in Houston. Click for larger, shirtless (and tan line) magic.

When an editorial cartoonist wins the Pulitzer, they’re assured their obituary’s first line will mention it. But if voting goes well for Houston Chronicle editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson, perhaps he’ll be better known as Hottest Bachelor in Houston. Nick is up against 9 others vying for the title. The contest is being run by Inside Edition. The voting runs until tomorrow.

When I asked Nick how he got involved in the contest, he said:

A Facebook friend of mine has a Houston matchmaking service. She contacted me last week and asked me if I minded if she submitted me. I figured, you only live once, so what the hell. I had one hell of a week leading up to this trying to get a full-page investigative cartoon past our legal department, then I had to leave town Friday for a wedding. So basically I just showed up Monday for the shoot in the clothe I wore to work.”

At this writing, Nick is in 3rd place behind an Air Force reserve pilot and a musician. Certainly cartooning (and Nick) is much more deserving than those, so head over and objectify, I mean, vote for Nick. Help make cartooning sexy!!!

Here’s a promo video featuring the contestants: