Campaign to fund Mike Keefe cartoons for Colorado Independent launches

The Colorado Independent, a non-profit newsroom, is raising money to get Mike Keefe drawing editorial cartoons again. Mike is a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist who worked for the Denver Post for over 35 years before taking a buy-out in 2011. If the $12,500 is funded, Mike will produce a national or local cartoon each week that will be shared with backers.

For more than 30 years, Mike Keefe?s signature edgy and playful cartoons made readers of The Denver Post think ? and laugh. Since he left the paper in 2011, news in Colorado has gone woefully ?Keefe-less.? This is a problem The Colorado Independent is aiming to fix by bringing Mike?s tremendous insight, humor and talent back into regular publication.

Help preserve editorial cartooning, and keep one of Colorado?s best journalists riffing off our news.

Even if you’re not a Colorado resident, Mike’s work is worth a donation. Head over to Beacon (a platform to fund independent journalism) and make a donation.