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Venezuelan cartoonist allegedly fired for criticizing national healthcare system

Venezuelan editorial cartoonist Rayma Suprani has allegedly been fired for depicting former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s signature flat-lining on an electrocardiograph as a way to depict the country’s national health care system.

From the New York Times:

El Universal representatives were unavailable for comment on Thursday. One newspaper employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the cartoonist was fired because her work had increasingly annoyed her bosses.

But Suprani was scathing.

“My immediate boss called me and told me he didn’t like my caricature and I was out,” she told local radio. “We’ve become a country where if you say things, have your own criteria and try to provoke reflection, it’s not well-viewed.”

Community Comments

#1 Dave Stephens
@ 6:31 pm

Criticizing a Holy Man is FORBIDDEN – any criticism of Chavez in Venezuela is like flipping off the Pope while visiting the Vatican – it’s a guaranteed way to get fired…

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