Salt Lake Comic Con sets another attendance record

Salt Lake Comic Con set another attendance record with over 120,000 attendees. This is only its second comic con. Earlier this spring was the sibling convention FanX which also set records of more than 72,000. With numbers this large, there were long lines and dealing with these numbers posed issues for the organizers for a second year.

From the Deseret News:

Despite the rough start, Brandenburg said he knew the event was a rousing success when Stan Lee, returning guest and master of the Marvel universe, gave praise at the end of his appearance Saturday saying, “I love Salt Lake City. They have the best comic con in the world.”

“Talk about being proud. When you get that kind of kudos from Stan Lee, you’re doing something right,” Brandenburg said.

Organizers especially lauded the fans’ enthusiasm when it came to their costumes. In the days leading up to the convention, organizers tracked Google analytics and found Internet searches for “cosplay” outnumbered those for “comic con,” Brandenburg said.

I’m taking Stan’s compliment with a grain of salt. I’m sure he’ll say that to any con he’s attending. But regardless, Salt Lake City is on the map.

From local news KSL:

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