Profiled: Mike Lovins and “We Go Anywhere”

With the Salt Lake Comic Con over, it’s been good to see the local press highlight some of our local talent. City Weekly did a Q&A with Mike Lovins who does the online series “We Go Anywhere“.

Gavin: What was it like for you making the series and what made you decide to go digital rather than print?

Mike: I enjoy working for clients, but nothing is more gratifying than working on something you own. It was a long haul because I wanted to have the first arc done before putting it out there. I went digital out of necessity but also because of the stipulations Diamond owns the Direct Market. In digital, you free yourself from all that. Your audience potentially is global. I talked to a former editor once who said “everything will go paperless in ten years.” In large measure, that’s probably going to happen.

Here’s a teaser for We Go Anywhere.

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