Stunt double Lee Salem takes Ice Bucket Challenge for Bill Watterson

On Monday Nick Galifiankis threw down a challenge to Richard Thompson, Stephan Pastis and Bill Watterson for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Because of Bill’s famous reclusiveness, Nick nominated legendary comic editor and Universal Uclick president Lee Salem as a “stunt double” to take the ice shower on behalf of Bill.

The three had 24 hours to accept the challenge by dumping a bucket of ice water over their head and challenging 3 more to do the same as well as donate to the ALS Association. Richard announced on Facebook that because he was recovering from an illness he didn’t feel well enough to get dumped with ice water and opted to write the check. But he in turn nominated Universal Uclick’s John Glynn and Shena Wolf ask well as fellow cartoonist/illustrator Mo Williams.

Lee took up the challenge (and the ice bucket dump) on Bill’s behalf – see photo above. He in turn nominated Mark Tatulli, Mark Parisi and his granddaughter. This is the second nomination for Mark Parisi (see photo below). He was first nominated by a friend. He in turn nominated fellow cartoonist Bucky Jones.

Stephan has been quiet the last couple of days, so we’ll have to see whether he takes the challenge.

Other cartoonists I’ve noted as participating:
Terri Libenson, Mason Mastroianni also accepted the challenge.

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  1. I also made a paypal donation in lieu of dumping water on myself. I am notoriously close to deadline and I didn’t want to get my desk or paper wet. I did, however, nominate Lee Salem for whitest man-legs in America, so let’s see if that bears fruit.

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