Can’t get enough of Mary Worth? Buy the book!

Mary Worth writer Karen Moy and artist Joe Giella have released a second Mary Worth book: Searching and Other Stories of Mary Worth

This book is thematic. All stories contained in the book involve the searching for someone or something. From the description:

1) Mary Goes to Vietnam: When Mary doesn?t hear from Jeff who is on a humanitarian mission overseas, she takes matters into her own hands and travels to Vietnam to search for him!

2) Gina Looks For Bobby: Mary befriends a local waitress who?s having trouble getting over a former love from her distant past. When Mary advises Gina to look for him, what she finds is more than she ever dreamed of!

3) The Missing Girl: While at a local diner, Mary recognizes a missing girl she?s seen on a poster, and takes a stand against the kidnapper who?s holding her!

4) Tom and Beth: A Search for Love: Mary invites her neighbors Tom and Beth over for dinner in order to make a match between them. But when they hit it off, Beth?s mother Elinor protests against their romance!

Book currently retails for $14.30 on Amazon. Also available on Lulu.