San Diego Comic-Con files suit against Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake Comic Con organizers essentially shrugged off the cease and desist letter from San Diego Comic-Con and so SDCC has filed a suit against the fledgling comic con. At issue is the use of the phrase “comic con” with no hyphen. SDCC owns the trademark for “comic-con” and believes Salt Lake Comic Con is infringing on the trademark and confusing attendees. More from the Salt Lake Tribune:

“[Salt Lake Comic Con?s] actions have caused, and will continue to cause, irreparable harm to [San Diego Comic-Con] and to the public which is deceived as to the source and sponsorship of [San Diego?s] goods and services,” the complaint reads. They had sent a cease-and-desist letter to Salt Lake last month, demanding the convention change its name.

2 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con files suit against Salt Lake Comic Con

  1. A quick search reveals the threatening existence of Comic Cons in Denver, Austin, New York, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, and on and on. Next, they will sue birds for flying.

  2. UGH. Hate seeing SDCC resort to bullying. Ridiculous. The previous article, points out the contradictions in their actions (read the cogent comments as well).

    I’d like to know how Salt Lake suddenly got to be the “third largest” in the country. I never heard of it until this year! I always thought New York and Chicago, and even WonderCon were larger.

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