Trudeau: Doonesbury was great proving ground for Alpha House

The LA Times has a story on how decades of creating Doonesbury has helped Garry Trudeau write and produce the TV show Alpha House.

From the LA Times:

“Alpha House’s” executive producer, Jonathan Alter, a former Newsweek senior editor, said that’s where Trudeau excels.

“One of the great things about Doonesbury that I noticed many years ago, is that [Garry] has this uncanny ability to anticipate where things are going politically. That has continued in ‘Alpha House.'” Alter pointed to a scene in the first season that involved a talking filibuster — which would turn out to be a fortuitous scene as the news cycle had just gone wild over Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster in 2013.

The article mentions that as long as Alpha House is being produced, Garry has no plans to resume the daily Doonesbury (he still does the Sunday Doonesbury). While that disappoints me, I absolutely loved season one of Alpha House. It’s the primary reason I subscribe to Amazon Prime.