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Randy Glasbergen illustrates book on keeping couples together

Randy Glasbergen who must draw 20 or 90 cartoons a day to keep up with his syndicated panels The Better Half and Thin Lines and his freelance/cartoon service empire has illustrated a new book called Laugh Together, Stay Together

Community Comments

#1 Randy Glasbergen
@ 10:32 am

Basically it is a cartoon book combined with couples coaching commentary based on each cartoon’s message or topic. Thank you for mentioning it!

#2 Keith Knight
@ 1:08 pm

Big fan, Randy! Keep up the great work!

#3 Randy Glasbergen
@ 1:54 pm

As long as I’m here, I should mention that Glasbergen Cartoons will start appearing daily on GoComics beginning July 28th!

#4 John Read
@ 3:35 pm

I’ll probably buy this book just because I agree Randy Glasbergen IS a cartoonist extraordinaire.

#5 Karsten Schley
@ 2:00 pm

Great news, Randy! Congrats!!

#6 Joe Engesser
@ 11:30 pm

Humor’s good…but tooners typically have to tone down the sarcasm around their significant others. Love your stuff, Randy!

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