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Nina Paley’s This Land Is Mine is viral. Again. And again. And again

Nearly 2 years after it hit the web, Nina Paley’s This Land Is Mine is viral. Honestly I’m not sure if it hasn’t already been viral. Given the topic of the Middle East, it has capacity to go viral every 18 months. Sigh.

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

Her original blog posts explains who killing who.

Community Comments

#1 Howard Cruse
@ 11:48 am

And it so DESERVES to be viral!

#2 Dave Stephens
@ 1:13 pm

Wow. That was a magnificent Magnum Opus of UGH.

(insert wide-eyed emoticon here)

Nina Paley pulls no punches. Or swords.

#3 Dale Stout
@ 7:51 pm

Can’t beat Andy Williams for the music. Not even Pat Boone or The Harmonicats.

#4 Paul Houston
@ 9:34 am

Awesome. Perfect for the generation of people who can’t be bothered to read.

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