David Reddick launches Intelligent Life comic

Today marks the launch of David Reddick’s comic strip Intelligent Life via King Features. Comics Kingdom describes the strip as following “the ups and downs of the geek life, through the eyes of Skip, Gwen, Mike, and Barry, four employees at Finch Marketing– all equally geeky in their own unique way. Skip’s a lovable dork who lives for video games and comics, Gwen is a social media nut who cosplays at conventions, Mike is an Alpha Nerd computer programmer, and Barry is a sports fanatic.”

The launch is getting quite a bit of buzz. Here’s the story from USA Today:

“We’re all geeks in some way,” says Reddick, who’s worked on the comic Garfield and created The Trek Life for StarTrek.com. “Some of us are foodies, some of us are military geeks, some of us are documentary geeks, some of us are workout geeks, some of us are comic-book geeks or whatever.

“The comic never ridicules, it never makes fun ? it embraces all of these things.”

Congratulations to David.

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