PlanetPOV sucking up the cartooning internets

If you’re an editorial cartoonist, you may want to check out PlanetPOV to see if your work is being used without permission. The site has been posting several scores of cartoons by a variety of cartoons each Sunday and not in any fair-use way – unless fair-use is being defined as “it’s on the internet, so it must be free”.

Hat tip to Clay Jones

4 thoughts on “PlanetPOV sucking up the cartooning internets

  1. I contacted PlanetPov and informed them that I didn’t appreciate having my copyrighted work ripped off and posted on their site without my written permission. It appears that whoever did it simply grabbed everything that was on the AAEC web site.

    Anyway, here’s their response. Time will tell if I have to go after them again.

    Mr. Fell,

    Please accept our sincere apologies on your work appearing on our site without permission. Articles are posted at our site by our members, we were led to believe that permissions were obtained when they had not been. All posts that displayed your work have been removed and we have taken steps to insure that your work will not appear on our site in the future without express permission.

    Again, we truly appreciate your position on this and we regret that this occurred.



  2. They’re probably getting the cartoons from other sites than just the AAEC’s. I’m not a member of the AAEC thus my work is not on their site. I assume they’re trolling gocomics.
    Here’s the letter I sent them:

    Hi. I’m Clay Jones and I’m a political cartoonist. You’ve used several of my cartoons on your site and I want to say thank you. I ask that in the future that you also post a link to my website also need to inform you of the legality of using cartoons you don’t pay for. Maybe you are aware of the laws regarding copyright and fair use, but from looking at your site you’re not displaying that knowledge.To post a cartoon you’re not paying for you have to use the cartoon in context. You have to use it with text, part of a column or even a criticism of the cartoon, or to help you write about an issue. If you just post the cartoon to fill content then legally that’s actually stealing.I’m not the type to make threats or file lawsuits. But some cartoonists are and I’m about to share this with the editorial cartooning community. You need to rethink your practice of using cartoons. Maybe even pay for them. I don’t expect that because websites don’t pay, but it would be pretty sweet if it happened.I wish you the best. I hope you share my work again but in a legal manner.I wish you the best with your website and thanks again for sharing my work.

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