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Video interview: Stephan Pastis talks about leaving law for comics

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#1 Joe Engesser
@ 3:21 pm

The groin kick’s phenomenal! Is there a Timmy Failure movie in the works?

#2 Jeff Darcy
@ 2:01 pm

I wonder, did Stephan wear his logo-less baseball caps in the courtroom when practicing law or the traditional English white whig, or both? And did he pass the time when the opposing side was presenting their case, doing courtroom sketches/doodles of the Jury,Judge and Attorneys?

In today’s cartoon market it’s always good to have back up skills. Too bad I don’t.

#3 Mike Lester
@ 5:37 am

Calling it like I see it: the man seems to be working his ass off. A daily strip, 24 books, Timmy Failure? Got to tip your hat.

#4 Jerry Garrison
@ 9:27 pm

Very true Mike. Stephan Pastis is amazingly talented. Pearls Before Swine remains an incredibly funny comic strip that is as fresh and inventive as anything in the genre today. Additionally, his Timmy Failure books have been phenomenally successful. The man coaxed Bill Watterson out of his private life to bring joy and attention to the comics’ page that helps the entire comics’ business. Thanks Stephan!

#5 Frank M Hansen
@ 2:38 pm

There is extra part of the interview at their Youtube page:

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