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David Palumbo on creating your own style

David Palumbo on creating your own style:

Among the most frequently asked questions of the aspiring visual artist, I would expect to find ?how do I develop my style? near the top of the list. The answer I typically give is to not worry about finding your style because once you?ve mastered the fundamentals of drawing, light and shadow, perspective, color, anatomy, and/or any number of other technical skills required, your style has more than likely found you. Style is nothing more than the sum of your intentions and you limitations. You have a vision and execute it to the best of your ability. Once your skill is at a high enough level to yield consistently satisfying results, you will be producing work with a consistent and recognizable style to it. This is because you are always pitting what you want to create against what you are able to create and style is where the two meet.

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