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Wrap-up on Watterson, Pastis collaboration

I was traveling yesterday and wasn’t able to update the blog. The Watterson-Pastis collaboration continues to blow people’s mind as evident by the amount of social media and real media attention. I’m not sure there’s a media outlet that didn’t give this biggest comic heist ever some love.

Michael Cavna reports that Stephan Pastis’s blog was read 3 million times on Saturday. GoComics, home to both Calvin and Hobbes and Pearls Before Swine online, struggled to serve up pages that morning. John Glynn, Universal Uclick President, says the site received 6.1 million page views – 4 million more than usual. Bill Watterson’s social media outlets were unaffected because mathematically zero times any number is still zero :)

Marc Lapierre created this nice tribute piece below.

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