Video: Jack Elrod retires from Mark Trail

I mentioned back in March that Mark Trail cartoonist Jack Elrod was retiring. He’s 90 years old. James Allen is taking over.

From WXIA in Sandy Springs, GA:

6 thoughts on “Video: Jack Elrod retires from Mark Trail

  1. Oh, come ON!!!!!!!!!!
    That is the second news article I’ve come across in the past couple of months that got Charles Schulz mixed up with George Schultz! Of all people. SERIOUSLY? God, there’s no excuse for that kind of carelessness.

  2. A long time ago Jack Elrod was nice enough to invite a know it all h.s. kid who lived in the area to his studio, gave him an original and asked if he’d like to take a stab at learning the comic strip biz. The kid was too stupid and full of himself to take advantage of the opportunity and has regretted his decision ever since. Jack’s been an Atlanta institution for many years and man who has quietly defined the outdoor comic strip. I have the strip hanging on my wall. He will be missed.

    fwiw: newscasters are idiots, local, national doesn’t matter. That’s the problem w/ the Ron Burgundy franchise: is not an exaggeration.

  3. Impressive, He created that all those years from a humble basement without even having a staff of squirrels and chipmunks drawing on cintiq’s somewhere in an office park.

  4. Impressive job of getting through a three-minute interview without letting the person you’re interviewing complete a single sentence.

  5. What the hell?? Why bother interviewing him at all if you’re going to talk over every damn thing he says? I’d hate to watch that reporter cover the State of the Union. “The President is saying the state of the union is strong… The president’s smiling, as he often does… He’s speaking… The president’s thanking the troops and pointing to the one sitting next to Michelle… And the president smiles…”

    I’d hate to be in a relationship with her. She’d probably rephrase everything I’d say in real time.

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