Profiled: Todd Clark, creator of Lola

Jordan Gray of the Idaho Press-Tribune profiles Lola creator Todd Clark:

The man behind the pen and Lola’s witty zingers is Todd Clark, 50, of Boise. In an office with walls crammed full of comic strips from fellow artists, his own work and plenty of Boise State University memorabilia, Clark sketches out Lola, her son Ray, her daughter-in-law Amy, grandson Sammy, boyfriend Harry, best friend Etta and the rest of the characters he developed with former cartooning partner Steve Dickenson. Clark said many cartoonists work on a tablet, but he still takes pen to paper at his drawing board for his daily and Sunday strips.

Also mentioned is how many other strips Todd writes gags for. I knew he wrote for some of them, but it’s a larger list than I expected. You can read Lola here.

4 thoughts on “Profiled: Todd Clark, creator of Lola

  1. Terrific profile…and it’s great to see that Todd is still creating amazing amounts of work, which has long included writing for many other strips.

    I got a chance to talk with Todd several times while in a syndication development contract with Tribune Media. (The editors set up an initial meeting for him to offer me some pointers…and Todd was nice enough to call and check in periodically afterward.) It’s easy to see that he is a funny, talented cartoonist — but he is also a genuinely nice guy.

  2. Hello Mr Clark. LOVE Lola. But what happened to the little dog. Thought Lola would adopt. Boo hoo

  3. Love Lola. And I really love the story line with the little dog Max. Please bring him back!!! His personality really compliments Lola. Max reminds me of my puppy. And I have moments of “Lola” myself. Thanks.

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