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I?m pleased that Universal Uclick is sponsoring The Daily Cartoonist for another week. Equally happy that they are promoting one of my favorite comics “Wumo.” I was only just a little giddy to hear that the Danish comic Wulffmorgenthaler was being brought to the states. It started in 2001 and ran in several European papers. You can read my interview with co-creators Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler that I did back prior to their launch last fall. It launched with 212 papers – making it one of the biggest launches and most successful launches ever. Since then, the feature continues to pick up papers and is now in over 300 newspapers and they haven’t even hit their first year anniversary here in US syndication.

You may not know that Mikael (who does the writing) is a stand-up comedian and Anders (who draws the strip) is a filmmaker and illustrator.

Wumo sample

WuMo is one of the great strips that pokes fun at the absurdities and ironies of like and does so in a quirky drawing style that is perfect for its humor. If you haven’t followed this strip in a while, head over to GoComics and check it out.