Congratulations to all of the Reuben Awards winners

This last weekend was the National Cartoonists Society’s annual Reuben Awards weekend. It was a fabulous event. I’ll post a write-up here shortly. But as fun as the weekend was, the reason we were all there was to find out who were the big winners. Without further delay, below are the winners of the division awards and of course the big prize: The Reuben Award for ?Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year which went to Non Sequitur creator Wiley Miller.

The A.C.E. Award for ?Amateur Cartoonist Extraordinaire?

?Weird Al? Yankovic

The NCS Gold Key Award- NCS Hall of Fame:

Bunny Hoest-Carpenter and John Reiner

The Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award

Russ Heath

The Reuben Award for ?Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year:

Wiley Miller

Editorial Cartoons

Mike Ramirez

Newspaper Illustration

Miel Prudencio Ma

Feature Animation

Hayao Miyazaki: Director, ?The Wind Rises?- Disney

TV Animation

Paul Rudish for Disney Channel?s ?Mickey Mouse? shorts ? Disney

Newspaper Panels

Dave Coverly

Magazine Gag Cartoons

Matt Diffee

Advertising/Product Illustration

Rich Powell

Greeting Cards

Mark Parisi

Comic Books

Sergio Aragonés –Sergio Aragonés Funnies

Graphic Novels

Andrew C Robinson- The 5th Beatle

Magazine Illustration/Magazine Illustration

Dave Whamond

Online- Long Form

Jeff Smith- Tuki- Save The Humans

Online- Short Form

Ryan Pagelow- Buni

Book Illustration

William Joyce

Newspaper Comic Strips

Isabella Bannerman- Six Chix

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