Thank you to Bearman cartoons!

A big thanks to Bearman Cartoons for sponsoring this week’s blog. If you haven’t taken the time, head over to Bearman’s site to check out his editorial cartoons, pop culture cartoons, social media cartoons and caricatures. And even better, if you use his name “Bearman” in a cartoon he will donate $10 to charity. It’s all part of his annual charity challenge. If you mention his challenge in a blog post, he?ll donate $5 and if you follow him on Google+ he?ll donate a $1. Combined, he?s on the hook for $2,000 if everyone takes advantage of his generosity. Charities include: Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank, Brandon C Gromada Head and Neck Cancer Foundation and Crayons to Computers.

Read more about his charity challenge on his blog and get cracking!

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