JetPens selling 5 brush pen sampler for only $26

This came across my Facebook feed and I thought I’d share. JetPens is selling a five pen bundle of Brush pens for only $26. Some are felt tip, others synthetic hair. My trusty Pentel Pocket Brush Pen is in the mix – usually a $20 pen by itself. Once I found the Pentel Pocket Brush pen, I became a lot more mobile and haven’t purchased a bottle of ink since. I’ve been curious about other pens (preferably synthetic hair as it approximates a real brush best), so this is an easy $26 to spend.

4 thoughts on “JetPens selling 5 brush pen sampler for only $26

  1. I have ordered several pens and lead holders from JetPets . . . Great service . . . usually very fast and free (orders over $25 I believe). And they must have just about every pen in the market available.

  2. Thanks, Alan – I just shared the link with my fellow members in the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) on Facebook and already one member said that the 4th pen down is his favorite for studio caricatures and another member ordered the set. See what happens when artists help artists? Your efforts are MUCH appreciated!

  3. Another brush-pen set ordered, and I’ll also second the satisfaction with JetPens’ service. I’ve ordered from them frequently in the past and it’s always been speedy and problem-free. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Man, you can really jam a lot of ahtrspmeoe into a quick line drawing! They’re really evocative of Ghibli and Moebius, especially- the flying dude above the forest reminded me of Arzach. I know it’s not the coolest to just compare you to other artists, but those are definitely huge compliments. Good linework is rare and beautiful. ALSO, Alone in Kyoto is one of my alltimefavoritesongsEVER. I zone out to that in the car all the time. Nice choice. Keep up the amazingness!

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