Comixology removes comic in-app purchasing

From The Verge:

Comixology is replacing its iOS app today with a new version that removes the ability to purchase comics. The new app is solely a comic book reader, which means that you’ll have to visit the company’s website to purchase new comics. You can browse comics in the new app and download free comics directly, but paid comics can only be added to your wish list for later purchase online. As with the old app, previously purchased comics can be downloaded and synced directly from the app.

Sounds like it will operate like all Amazon Kindle purchases – make the purchase on the publisher’s website and then sync to your device. I always found that process disjointed, but I get Amazon not wanting to split 30% of revenue with Apple.

4 thoughts on “Comixology removes comic in-app purchasing

  1. Ok, the new app sucks. A lot of the titles I used to buy were impulse purchases I made when I found myself with some free time… but since the overhaul I haven’t done that at all; Now I only buy the two titles I like best. The others aren’t really worth the time it takes to add them to my wishlist, go to their site, move it from the wish list to the shopping cart, go to the shopping cart, buy them, sync my purchases to my phone, reopen the app, and then read them. There’s no sense of instant gratification if I have to go through several steps instead of just pressing one button. I’m pretty sure Amazon’s going to regret trying to save 30% of the revenue when their customers buy more than 30% fewer comics.

  2. Totally agree with Darrin. Amazon & Comixology are completely overlooking the fact that Apple makes many of the mobile devices that the original ComiXology app benefitted from. That said, I wonder if publishers (ex. Andrews McMeel) will start offering print & digital bundles if you buy comic collections via Amazon… Much like Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital HD bundles.

  3. Darrin is right on the money… Amazon wanted the monies Apple was getting and in the act of grabbing those monies, shattered the whole setup up…

    Baby. Bathwater. Go team Amazon!

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