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Video: Li’l Abner unaired live-action TV pilot

Below are two excerpts from an unsold pilot for a 1966 live-action Li’l Abner television show. The show was produced by Gilligan’s Island’s and Brady Bunch producer Sherwood Schwartz and starred Gilligan Island’s Bob Denver.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Community Comments

#1 Paul Horn
@ 11:32 am

That’s Robert Reed, not Bob Denver.

According to IMDB, there was a one-shot TV show in 1967 with the cast shown (Robert Reed, Judy Canova, Jeannine Riley). Apparently Sherwood Schwartz had nothing to do with it; he isn’t in Li’l Abner’s IMDB credits, nor is Li’l Abner on Sherwood’s IMDB page.

#2 Karyl Miller
@ 1:07 pm

If you were Sherwood Schwartz, would you put YOUR name on it? Of course not! No law says a producer/writer has to claim credit, esp on a one-time failure.

#3 John Lotshaw
@ 12:41 am

Well, this gave Robert Reed TWO reasons to hate Sherwood Schwartz…

#4 Terry LaBan
@ 8:10 am

I clicked on them and got a message on both saying “Video is private”. Maybe for good reason.

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