Schulz, Linkletter, Disney say the darndest things

Interesting find by Brian Fies who came across a book entitled Kids Say the Darndest Things by TV and radio personality Art Linkletter who hosted a radio show of the same title. The book had an introduction by Walt Disney and was illustrated by Charles Schulz.

Brian writes:

The wild card is Schulz. Peanuts had debuted in October 1950, so was probably not yet seven years old when Linkletter’s book came out in 1957. Schulz also illustrated a sequel in 1961. Peanuts and Schulz weren’t yet the phenomenon they would become but were clearly on their way. It seems to me that this project must have hit a real sweet spot in Schulz’s career: much earlier and he wouldn’t have been high-profile enough to be offered the job; much later and he would have been too big and busy to accept.

Check out Brian’s blog for scans of the illustrations like the one below with Brian’s commentary:

Another caricature of Linkletter (holding a microphone), one of a small number of adults Schulz drew during his career.

2 thoughts on “Schulz, Linkletter, Disney say the darndest things

  1. Whaddya know! I’ve had this book for years. I don’t remember where I got it but it must have been at a used bookstore or flea market somewhere.

    I remember seeing the cover and thinking “Wow, whoever illustrated this was really imitating Charles Schulz.” Then I flipped through a few pages and thought “REALLY imitating him. Wait….is it possible that it actually…?”

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