Please support Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

We’re close to the last week of fundraising for the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning. I’ve mentioned the campaign before. It’s a wonderful festival and Ann puts so much of her heart and soul into it each year. Currently Ann just $2,500 shy to her goal. If she makes the goal, the Indiegogo fees are 7%, if not they jump to 12%.

Please head over and help make this happen!

4 thoughts on “Please support Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

  1. Thanks Alan! We now have $1770 to go!

    We’ve sold out of several of the book collections and just posted 2 new ones by Dave Coverly and Terri Libenson. Thanks to all the artists who have donated books and all the backers who have snapped them up!

    We are posting all kinds of updates regularly on both Indiegogo and the official website – the most recent deals with why we aren’t doing matching funds this time.

    (Hint – it’s all about crowd funding processing fees)

    Thanks so much to all the members of the cartooning community who have supported the festival. It means so much!!

  2. Only $700 to go – thanks everyone who has gotten us this far!

    Special thanks to all the cartoonists who have donated perks and mentioned the festival on their blogs, websites and Facebook pages!

    Thank you Alan for all the exposure you’ve given us here on The Daily Cartoonist (and also for your donation!)!

  3. We’ve made our goal! Thanks to everyone who donated and also plugged the campaign!

    The drive is still active until 12 noon CST Friday so we’ve announced some stretch goals for anyone who would still like to contribute.

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