Steve Breen sings with Bono? Dan Piraro meets Ricky Gervais!

Steve Breen posted the photo below on Facebook with the caption: “Renowned Irish singer and Bono.”

In an email, he tells me that the Bono in the photo is an impersonator – a dead-ringer if you ask me.

But Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro, did meet a REAL celebrity. He writes on his blog that while touring a Simpsons reading with Tom Gammill, he ran into Ricky Gervais.

From Dan’s blog:

As we were wrapping up and about to go home, our friend said let?s pop in here and see if anyone is recording anything. We ventured into a building and up to a second-floor sound recording studio where actors do the voices for the show. We first stopped in at the green room, a small room down the hall where guest stars are located before they record. There, sitting in a chair just like a completely normal person, was none other than Ricky Gervais, my personal hero in the field of dramatized comedy! I was beside myself.

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