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Please support Mike Lynch’s blog

I missed this last Friday, but worth noting. You probably already know or have visited Mike Lynch blog – it’s a close cousin blog to The Daily Cartoonist as far as focus, but Mike has more emphasis on magazine cartoons and cartoon history than TDC. It’s on my daily read list.

Mike’s been doing the blog for nine years now and believe me, I know how much effort it takes. He’s asking for donations of support. I’ve donated and encourage you to do so as well.

Thanks for all your hard work and insights, Mike!

Community Comments

#1 Randy Glasbergen
@ 2:00 pm

Mike’s blog is a part of my daily routine. I highly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet. I’m happy to lend my support.

#2 Mike Lester
@ 3:18 pm

Ditto RG comments. Lynch is thorough and a great resource.

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