What the hidden Bizarro symbols mean

I’ve known of the hidden symbols in Dan Piraro’s Bizarro strip for years, but didn’t know each one had a specific meaning. The

The News-Democrat explains it all:

About 10 years after he started the strip, Piraro began adding “secret symbols” to his panels.

“I started on a whim in 1995 — just to entertain myself,” he once told the Houston Chronicle.

The first was the upside-down bird, which you also will find on the far wall of the House of Rope in last Sunday’s panel. Since then, he has added an alien, an eyeball, a rabbit, the pie — and six others.

3 thoughts on “What the hidden Bizarro symbols mean

  1. As the article noted, the explanation of all the symbols are on the Official Bizarro website, but here is the specific page address http://www.bizarro.com/symbols/index.htm (this is not the place where Piraro blogs about his latest cartoons and tosses out some fun reruns http://www.bizarrocomics.com ), and it has been for years. But of note, he has been combining two of the symbols recently for a recurring business sign in the background: “Bunny’s Pie Repair” and I have it from an unreliable source (Piraro in his blog’s comments) that there may be related merchandise soon…

  2. In Sunday’s Bizarro I only find 9 symbols, it’s been 30 hours now and I still stuck. I had to retrieve the comic from the recycle bin, my loving and caring wife thought I was finished!

  3. Need to find 1 more symbol from yesterday’s Bizarro, the lost loafer or the crown of power

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