Disney to judge: End Stan Lee Media for good

Hollywood Reporter has a good update on the latest court case involving Stan Lee Media’s attempt to assert it’s ownership of Marvel characters. I wrote about the recent case in Pennsylvania last week. Disney is using that case to get a judge to resolve once and for all Stan Lee’s claims and future litigation.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Disney’s legal attack is two-prong. The second issue seems pretty straight forward:

Disney says that SLMI is an “administratively dissolved corporation that lacks the capacity to license.” Essentially, Disney says SLMI has ceased to function but for litigating since 2002. And Disney adds that under Colorado law, a dissolved corporation can’t carry on its business except to “wind up and liquidate its business and affairs.”

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  1. “Judge, the plaintiff is clearly deader than a doornail, a zombie – shouldn’t he be doing normal zombie things like eating brains in a strip mall or mouldering in the ground instead of wasting your Judgeship’s valuable courtroom time?”

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