Powerpuff Girls artist fires back on controversial cover

Last month, I linked to news that a Powerpuff Girls cover was being pulled because some felt the art was overly sexual by depicting them in skintight mini-skirts and white stockings. The artist, Mimi Yoon is defending the piece on her Facebook page.

my objective was to illustrate modern, pop cultured, SASSY (not sexy), and humanized Powerpuff Girls who have just beaten the crime lord and have him on the ground. yes, the girls are wearing latex costumes… SO?!?!?! don’t all superpowered heroes wear latex?

unfortunately, the comic book will never make it to the stores… yes, i’m truely disappointed… because a perverted mind decided to see in this image what his dirty mind has conjured up, and barked loud enough. worse, he brought up kids and used protecting kids and kids’ perspective in his reasoning/excuse. does he think kids are dumber than him?

Mimi did a great job stylizing the characters, but because the audience is Tweens or younger, I think the Cartoon Network did the right thing by pulling it. That said, I hope Mimi got paid handsomely.

What do you think?

Here is the Powerpuff Girls normally drawn

Here is Mimi’s stylized version

4 thoughts on “Powerpuff Girls artist fires back on controversial cover

  1. Seems like Mimi drew the girls with a cute, stylized manga look, but not in a overly sexualized way. I don’t agree that there was cause to pull it.

  2. I don’t hate the art, it’s just a misfire along the lines of, maybe, a live-action Flintstones movie or putting nipples on Batman’s costume. Everyone wants to re-imagine established characters because they’re established characters so there’s money to be made, but sometimes that’s not a good enough reason.

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