Garry Trudeau announces another hiatus to concentrate on Alpha House

Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau has announced that he’s taking another hiatus from his daily comic strip to work on the second season of his online sitcom Alpha House. He’ll continue producing the Sunday strip. The daily replacement strips will start in papers on March 3.

From the Boston Globe:

“It’s a wonderful opportunity, but as I discovered last year, the demands of producing the show are considerable,” Trudeau said in a statement, “and my efforts to return to the daily strip while we were still in production had to be abandoned.”

“This time, the Sunday releases will continue,” Trudeau noted, “and we’ll be making Flashbacks available on a daily basis. With 43 years of material to draw from, there are still some 13,000 strips that haven’t been seen since they were originally published.”

I’m a fan of Alpha House. I watched the first three free episodes before Christmas and got hooked. I finally broke down and bought Amazon Prime to watch the rest of the episodes under the excuse that I could get free 2-day shipping for Christmas gift purchases.

One thought on “Garry Trudeau announces another hiatus to concentrate on Alpha House

  1. Definitely a Good News/Bad News situation!

    I also love Alpha House–very funny, very satirical. But I’ll miss my daily dose of new Doonesburys…

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