Marvel to put more emphasis on women in comics

Michael Cavna talks to Axel Alonso, Marvel?s editor-in-chief about the new “Characters and Creators” initiative to put more emphasis on women (and not necessarily the skimpy suits and big breast kind) in their comics.

From Comic Riffs blog:

The proof is in the numbers, and in the case of the all-female X-Men series, the numbers are solid. The first book was released last May, and became Marvel?s top-selling comic that month.

The comic book world, Alonso asserts, is no longer a boys? club. ?While we don?t have any market research, the eyes don?t lie,? he tells us. ?If you go to conventions and comic book stores, more and more female readers are emerging. They are starved for content and looking for content they can relate to.?

This is really great news.