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Ecuadorian cartoonist runs “correction” cartoon

Monday I wrote about Ecuadorian cartoonist Xavier Bonilla who was censored by a media watch dog group for a cartoon they said was “harmful to President Rafael Correa.” The Miami Herald reports that Bonilla has published a “correction” cartoon (see original and “correction” below). The underlining issue was that Ecuadorian security raided the house of journalist taking computers. The original cartoon depicted that. Bonilla’s correction cartoon replays the first, but mockingly presents the narrative as if the journalist had invited the government into his home.

I guess if you have to run an apology cartoon, mockery is the best response.

Original cartoon:


Community Comments

#1 James Francis
@ 12:12 am

It’s always a disturbing trend when it is illegal to insult your president… I hope the public is behind Xavier! Ecuador’s future depends on it.

#2 Karsten Schley
@ 6:12 am

At least it shows that the pen can be a powerful weapon.
Powerful enough to make a President angry.

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