Tom Richmond releases eBook version of “The Mad Art of Caricature!”

MAD Magazine cartoonist Tom Richmond continues to roll out new versions of this great caricature book The Mad Art of Caricature!: A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces. The new release is an eBook version for tablet devices and is priced at a $9.99. He writes on his blog that he’s set aside fears of piracy of the book as that is already being done by individuals who have scanned the pages manually. He wants to offer the book to those who genuinely want it in electronic format and are willing to pay for it.

4 thoughts on “Tom Richmond releases eBook version of “The Mad Art of Caricature!”

  1. I actually did download it. I only buy e-Books these days. I usually read on my Kindle or the Good App for PDFs. Recently I’ve started sending eBooks to my Kindle. However, when I downloaded this book on my iPad I discovered something new. I was able to open it in iBooks where it worked perfectly.

  2. I bought this gem last year in book form !! FABULOUS reference book… WELL worth the small price that Tom is asking for the e-book.

  3. Bought the hardcopy when it first came out. Hands down the best caricature drawing lessons ever! My drawing improved instantly after reading this very well written book!

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