Richard Thompson heading into surgery for broken hip after fall

Nick Galifianakis is reporting on Facebook that Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson took a tumble yesterday and broke his hip. He’s going into surgery later today.

From Nick:

Hello cartoon and comic fans. I’m trying to generate a tsunami of good thoughts for the only actual genius I know (I’m apologize to whoever else I just insulted) Richard Thompson.

RT’s Parkinson’s has made him less stable and he took quite a tumble yesterday – he broke his hip, which is being replaced at 3 pm today.

A joint replacement will get Richard up on his feet very quickly -screwing in a pin, which was briefly considered, would mean a much much longer convalescence whereas the joint replacement means he’s up and rehabbing very quickly, very important considering he’s already starting out from a compromised physical position.

Surgery will be followed by about 5 days in the hospital.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery, Richard!

3 thoughts on “Richard Thompson heading into surgery for broken hip after fall

  1. That’s not good. My sister-in-law just went through this. She spent 3 months in rehab after surgery and another month with us before she was mobile enough to drive, go back to work etc. Speedy in this case will be relative.

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