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Michael Jantze, Tom Fishburne talk building cartoonist brand and business

I missed this yesterday when it was streaming live, but glad that it’s available. Cartoonists Michael Jantze and Tom Fishburne joined up for a Google+ event to talk about building brands around their creative work.

Community Comments

#1 Andertoons
@ 3:16 pm

Loved Tom’s explanation of the use of cartoons like a Trojan horse. I’m totally stealing that.

#2 Michael Pohrer
@ 7:39 am

This was cool just wish it would of been an actual G+ Hangout instead of an HOA.

#3 Mark Hill
@ 6:35 pm

Great stuff. I liked the discussion about finding a niche…it applies to cartooning now more than ever.

(On a side note, I was in a development contract with King Features at the same time as Michael Jantze. –Always liked and now miss ‘The Norm’.)

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