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Lynn Johnston inducted into International Women’s Forum Hall of Fame

For Better or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston was inducted into the International Women’s Forum International Hall of Fame this last month. Lynn joins several high profile, successful women – a list of who’s who in media, politics, entertainment.

In her acceptance speech, Lynn mentions that as a kid she never felt connected with the girls in the neighborhood, but couldn’t be part of the boys (“because I couldn’t pee through the knot-hole in Gary Perkins’ garage”), but as an adult drawing FBOFW, she found her connection.

You can read more about her induction and acceptance speech on her website.

Community Comments

#1 Michael Pohrer
@ 7:40 am

Very Cool Indeed! Congrats Lynn!

#2 Joe Engesser
@ 10:05 pm


#3 G Louis Johnson
@ 11:35 pm

Well deserved Lynn.

#4 B.J. dewey
@ 8:31 am

Congratulations to Lynn. As she says in her acceptance speech,
“When I was asked by Universal Press Syndicate to create a comic strip from a woman’s point of view, I promised to show my side- OUR side of it, wart and all.”

And she surely did.

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