IDW to publish Sunday Superman collection

IDW Publishing’s Library of American Comics has announced that it will publish a 25 years of Superman comics that appeared in the Sunday comics from the 1940s through 1960s. The first volume includes comics from 1943 through 1946.

The first volume in the Superman: Golden Age Sundays series will collect 170 sequential Sundays, from May 9, 1943 through August 4, 1946, beginning where the Superman Sunday Classic book by DC Comics and Kitchen Sink Press left off. These World War II-era stories feature work by legendary artists such as Wayne Boring and Jack Burnley.

“We’re printing the series in an oversized 9.25″ x 12″ format,” says editor Dean Mullaney, “so that readers can fully enjoy these glorious full-color tabloid Sundays.”

I should note that when I looked on Amazon for a release date, I found a prior volume with the years 1939-1943. I don’t know if the two book projects are related. They don’t have the same publisher, but it is interesting that this new IDW book project picks up the Superman comics at about the point the one on Amazon leaves off.

Source: Gotham News

One thought on “IDW to publish Sunday Superman collection

  1. Alan, The other Superman book (Sunday’s), you mention, was done by Sterling; as was the Golden Age Batman Sunday’s and Dailies and a Superman Daily. I think Denis Kitchen may have had a hand in, too.

    I believe Dean Mullany and Library of American Comics (IDW), is following the same format but is starting with the Silver Age. When completed they will go back and do the Golden Age.
    – Chris

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