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Venezuelan president blames Spiderman, superheroes for local crime

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has stated that he believes superhero idolization – or the excessive exposure to them is resulting in youth violence in his country.

“This kid, at 14 years old, carries a 9mm with a mind filled by thousands of hours of shows where people are killed,” the Venezuelan leader told La Opinion.

“I start to think how many thousands of hours of violence that kid will have consumed, in the end, stimulated by consumerism and violence when he grabs a 9mm and goes to kill,” Maduro added.

Source: Merco Press

Community Comments

#1 Howard Tayler
@ 11:10 am

It’s easy to pass a law restricting expression. It’s harder to turn your economy around. Venezuela has a poverty rate of around 30%, with “absolute povery” (destitution) at around 8%.

Violent crime and poverty correlate much more closely than violent crime and violent entertainment.

#2 Ben Carlsen
@ 11:58 am

Venezuelan president J. Jonah Jameson? What?

#3 G Louis Johnson
@ 12:37 pm

They already banned video games. This was the next logical step. Next thing you know they will ban the Simpsons. Oh wait…

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