Greg Evans daughter taking over writing of Luann

Luann creator Greg Evans is turning over the writing of his comic strip to his daughter, Karen. Karen holds a degree in writing and literature and is the dean of students at a charter middle school – a good combination for a comic strip about a teen girl.

For several years, Evans said he had wondered what would happen to “Luann” when he eventually retires. He considered ending the strip as Charles M. Schulz did with “Peanuts,” or contracting an illustrator/writer to take over. He also considered having his children carry on the legacy, but Karen said she and her siblings – sister Rhonda, 44, of Texas, and brother Gary, 37, of Ventura – didn’t inherit their father’s artistic talent.

“I can do some pretty good stick figures, but the artist gene skipped a generation in our family,” she said.

Then one day in June 2012, father and daughter hit on the idea of separating the writing and drawing of “Luann” and a partnership was born. Karen, who holds a degree in writing and literature, agreed to take an active hand in helping her father create the plots and character arcs in the story and he would carry on drawing the strip. On Sunday afternoons, they meet for story sessions, and, with Betty, they critique the drawn panels that Evans produces after each session.

The article also mentions that Greg would like to retire at some point hoping that another family member will be able to take over the comic’s art.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

8 thoughts on “Greg Evans daughter taking over writing of Luann

  1. Yay for nepotism! I bet they dont’ have that in the USSR.

    When property is a capitalist does that mean it trades itself?

    I’m all for the free market and capitalism but in this market there is a lot of friction between supply (comic strips) and demand (the newspaper reader). So yeah, I am going to be snarky about a market in which mediocrity is becoming the rule not the exception and legacy comics are contributing to that mediocrity IMHO.

  2. Nepotism is defined as ‘undo favoritism in awarding public offices to relatives’ the world around. Clearly you don’t know your way around a dictionary, but FYI you might look up the word ‘snivel.’

    And you will excuse me for observing that you have a lot of dern gall calling Peanuts or FBOFW mediocrities.

    Quote: “So yeah, I am going to be snarky about a market in which mediocrity is becoming the rule not the exception…”

    I have to wonder what you are even doing reading this site or why you care at all with this stated attitude? Your logic, carried a few steps further, brand yourself and everyone else trying without sucess to sell a strip to syndication as sub-mediocre.

    Comic strips and comic books have always make me happy, and in 50 years I have seen practically about them go downhill without relenting. Indeed I have complained bitterly, but never dispaired. Are there no positive observations to be made?

  3. Have to apologize to G Louis Johnson. I was talking to a number of students at UTSA this morning, including about the definition of ‘nepotism’ and found they all use on-line dictionaries and none had the definition I know and my standard dictionaries include. That’s progress I guess.

    Don’t hate me because I live by exacting standards.

  4. I was originally thinking that Luann would be ending soon… but with this news, it looks like it’s gonna become a college-life strip. It’ll be interesting to see where Karen takes this series.

  5. Your oriental caricature in the Aug 21 strip is totally obnoxious.
    As a (white) college professor with many Chinese students as well as mixed race grandchildren and nieces it is really out of line and not funny at all. YOu could have the same ferret story without the insulting face.

  6. Dont know what happened to the post I just sent-
    in a word, the oriental caricature with the ferret in the August 21 strip was insulting and out of line.

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