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Profiled: Dick Locher and his amazing career

Bob Harvey profiles the career of Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist and Dick Tracy cartoonist Dick Locher.

Over the years, Locher reckons he’s had more than 10,000 cartoons published. “That’s a whole lot of getting mad six times a week,” he said. He has also racked up his share of awards and honors, including a Pulitzer in 1983. He had a private lunch in the Oval Office with President Ronald Reagan; and he created the coveted John Locher Award for college cartoonists to honor the memory of his deceased son, who once assisted him on Dick Tracy. And he paints and sculpts.

Community Comments

#1 Carl Moore
@ 4:13 pm

One of the best conservative editorial cartoonists ever. Second only to MacNelly.

#2 Steve Artley
@ 5:57 am

Dick Locher’s work has inspired me for decades and is among my top favorite cartoonists of all time. He was my sponsoer for membership in the AAEC back in 1984, and both he and Mary have been a good friends of mine over the years. Aside from being an outstanding cartoonist, Dick is one of the finest people I know. Thanks for posting this, Alan and thanks to Bob for honoring this treasure of American cartooning.

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