Elle fashion spread gets Olive Oyl treatment in August issue

This August edition of Elle magazine has eight pages of Olive Oyl inspired fashion. Olive Oyl being the female love interest of E. C. Segar’s Popeye. The article is described as “Contrasting necklines and cuffs add new dimensions – and unexpected chic to Olive Oyl’s lanky proportions.” I haven’t considered Olive Oyl as some fashionista character – normally just the red blouse with black skirt attire, but looking through the pages of the spread (see here and here), I don’t think the clothes would be all outside of character if Olive Oyl’s look was updated to 2013.

That said, it makes you wonder how hard they had to look to find a model of “lanky proportions” in the fashion/modeling industry. Actually they probably had a harder time finding a model with dark hair.

3 thoughts on “Elle fashion spread gets Olive Oyl treatment in August issue

  1. That’s a hoot. She doesn’t differ all that much from Alice the Goon really (especially in fashion). As much as I like the vintage Popeye’s (muttering and all good stuff), I would have to think twice between fighting for Olive and eating spinach.

  2. Shelly Duval was a step towards this attractive young woman in toonthromorphizing Castor’s favorite sister. I especially like her fitting so naturally in the first ramshackle background.

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