Jim Keefe: How to price your work

I missed this nugget when first posted last month, but Sally Forth cartoonist and Flash Gordon writer/artist Jim Keefe has a great piece on how to price your work and efforts in comics. A must read for anyone engaged in freelance (or any creative) work.


What you always have in your corner when negotiating a contract is the power to decline and walk away – especially if the payment is inadequate. This should be done professionally with your “business hat” on so you don’t burn bridges – not your “artist hat” that wants to punch those bastards (who want something for nothing) in the face.

5 thoughts on “Jim Keefe: How to price your work

  1. I didn’t see an option to leave a comment over there, or I would have written this:

    When a job doesn’t seem right for you, or there’s too little pay, it’s extremely therapeutic to just say no. Remember, just because someone asked, doesn’t obligate you in any way. It may seem counterintuitive, but saying no will make you feel stronger and it won’t in any way tarnish your reputation, unless the reputation you want is as the person who willl always work for peanuts.

    Second, NEVER work for free unless IT’S YOUR IDEA to work for free. NEVER work for exposure, unless it’s your own project. If someone comes to you and asks you to work for free, SAY NO. The only time you work for free is if it’s your idea, your project. THEN, work for the exposure because it’s your project.

    Third, NEVER vary from this plan.

    I’ve been saying and writing this for years. I have no idea if it’s ever sunk in with anyone.

  2. Gerry, must be doing some good. It seems to be the mantra among professionals even though largely ignored by those wanting to be. The video with this article is pretty funny and exactly on that point.

  3. Good advice from Gerry Mooney. Sorry about not being able to comment – I was getting bigger and bigger waves of spam so I opted for disabling the comments section for the time being.

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