Help fund the Kenosha (mini) Festival

Anne Hambrock is hosting a one-day Kenosha Festival this year on November 2nd. Dubbed “Mini-Fest 2013”, she’s trying to raise $2,000 to cover the costs of the festival. So far $1,325 has been raised, but according to my math, she’s short $675. She has several excellent incentives for donors ranging from original MAD magazine art by Tom Richmond, portfolio reviews and hanging out in The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee creator John Hambrock’s studio for an afternoon (food provided, but not spilling on John’s work is appreciated).

Here’s the schedule for the Mini-fest 2013. The full festival is already scheduled for September 25-27 next year and any funds above the $2,000 will go to that festival.

One thought on “Help fund the Kenosha (mini) Festival

  1. Alan,

    Thanks for the shout out! We are inching toward our goal!

    And a giant Thank You to Tom Richmond who is not only this year’s featured guest – carrying 90% of the day’s events on his shoulders – he has generously donated MAD splash pages for backers. If you want the full festival attending deluxe backer package those splash pages are at the $500 level. But we’ve added a $250 level for folks who only want the art and cannot attend the festival. I personally consider that a steal – Tom’s work for MAD is truly iconic! There are only 4 pages available and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

    Also the portfolio review and caricature class for aspiring professionals have limited space. There are 6 review slots left for Tom and 5 left for John Hambrock. The caricature class is capped at 18 and we are down to 12 spots left.

    As you said, any $ raised beyond the $2000 budget will be applied to Festival 2014 – we already have some terrific guests lined up!

    The full festival budget and timeframe currently supports 6 guest speakers over the course of 3 days, community outreach, a meet and greet reception, and 1 panel discussion.

    If fundraising goes well for 2014 we hope to add some stretch goals – it could mean a couple more speakers and more panels.

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