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Who knows any cartoonists from Norway?

I’ll be traveling the last week of August to Norway on business. While there, I’d like to meet any cartoonists in the Oslo area for dinner/drinks. Does anyone know any cartoonist in Oslo? Or someone I can reach out to and get some names?

Community Comments

#1 Bob Englehart
@ 9:51 am

Contact Daryl Cagle. He knows every cartoonist in the world!

#2 Donald A. Rex Jr.
@ 12:26 pm

Kees Kousmaker’s Comiclopedia website is very informative about all things cartoonist, he runs a bit of the same sort of service as you do Alan. Kees has always been very kind and helpful with my questions through the years, and I’ll bet he can set you up with some cartoonists in Norway. Look here:

#3 Louise C. Larsen
@ 12:34 pm

Do get a chance to see Roar Hagen – his work is outstanding:

#4 Jens Robinson
@ 1:56 am

Hi Alan. Two of Norway’s finest political cartoonists are Finn Graff and Roar Hagen, whose work appears in the national newspapers Dagbl­adet and Verde­ns Gang, respectively. Both artists are represented by CartoonArts International/NY Times Syndicate and our web site features them along with other cartoonists worldwide:
Coincidentally, next week I will be in Oslo visiting with Graff, Hagen and others. I’d be pleased to put you in touch.
As you may know, my late father, Jerry Robinson, pioneered the successful syndication of international political cartoons to America and abroad. The idea was inspired by his own book The 1970s: Best Political Cartoons of the Decade (McGraw-Hill, 1981), in which a significant portion of the cartoons were non-American (including a few by Finn Graff). Today, our cartoons are sold in every continent except Antarctica and the global roster includes award-winning American cartoonists KAL, Jeff Danziger and Joel Pett. (And by the way, next year our agency, originally known as Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate, celebrates its 30th anniversary.)
Alan, let me know how you’d like to be contacted about Oslo.
Jens Robinson
President, CartoonArts International/NYTS

#5 Werner Wejp-Olsen
@ 10:39 am

Try Haakon Strand at

Strandcomics is a Scandinavian syndicate dealing mainly with Norwegian cartoonists

#6 Robert Russell
@ 9:21 am

The city of Drobeck, Norway is a safe haven city for cartoonists who have had to flee their own countries. I understand it is about 40 miles outside of Oslo. The program is organized by the International Cities of Refuge Network, ICORN. We work closely with them, and find that they are the safest and most dependable organization that helps get journalists and human rights workers in danger into a safe haven country.

I can put you in touch with them, and give you an introduction though I don’t know if they’ve been invited to the same event that you have.

Bro Russell
Cartoonists Rights Network International

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