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Jeff Parker retires from FLORIDA TODAY

Jeff Parker has announced that after 21 years at the FLORIDA TODAY, he’s leaving the position to spend more time working on the comic strip Dustin that he does with cartoonist Steve Kelley.


“I just can’t keep up that pace anymore,” he said in announcing his decision. “Comic strips have always been my first love as a cartoonist, and creating a strip of my own has been a dream of mine since childhood.”

According to the announcement, his last editorial cartoon for his paper will run in early September.

Community Comments

#1 Dale Stout
@ 9:23 pm

Jeff’s editorial cartoons often make me laugh before I read the caption. Such great artwork. Thanks for sharing!

#2 John Read
@ 11:48 am

Jeff’s still assisting Mike Peters on “Mother Goose & Grimm” too, isn’t he?

#3 Jeff Parker
@ 8:41 pm

John, yep. Still digging my Grimmy gig.

#4 Jeff Parker
@ 10:04 am

Gosh, thanks, Dale!

#5 D.D.Degg
@ 9:31 pm

It’s not surprising Jeff Parker gave up editorial cartooning.
After all he was writing and drawing editorial cartoons, art assisting on Mother Goose and Grimm, and drawing the daily and Sunday Dustin comic strip, (and gagwriting?).
All this in addition to drawing the Wizard of Id comic strip
and writing comic books (he had to give up drawing them)
Jeff Parker is ONE busy man!

#6 Paul Fell
@ 10:19 am

Jeff is a busy guy, but not THAT busy. D.D. Degg’s giving credit to the wrong Jeff Parker for the Wizard of Id and the comic book gigs.

#7 Clay Jones
@ 10:39 am

He is a busy guy. His comic, his editorial, his Grimmy gig and he does a mean keg stand. I have photos somewhere to prove it.

#8 Dan Collins
@ 11:02 am

There are two Jeff Parkers? Then why doesn’t he keep the jobs and just make another Jeff Parker?

#9 vic harville
@ 5:54 am

eat plenty of grits, jeff

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