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Reminder: Paul Conrad’s Chain Reaction statue needs help

20130723-234548.jpg (Artwork by Mr. Fish)

The sculpture created by legendary editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad is in danger of being removed by Santa Monica unless $400,000 is raised by February of next year. The sculpture depicts a nuclear mushroom cloud made out of chains. The city has fenced the sculpture after concerns that it is structurally insecure. The city has promised $50,000 toward the restoration of the sculpture if the $400,000 is raised.

Editorial cartoonist Mr. Fish will be opening an exhibition of his work and will be discussing Conrad’s contribution to cartooning with Bob Scheer this Sunday at the Robert Berman Galleries at Bergamot Station.

For those who’d like to donate money to save the sculpture, visit the Save Chain Reaction donation page to find out ways you can help.

Community Comments

#1 Jerry Rubin
@ 12:25 am

It would be fantastic if we all could start a chain reaction of support to save Paul Conrad’s ‘Chain Reaction’ monumental peace sculpture. That’s right! We’ll even take support from you! Yes, you! Visit:

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